My First Emacs Theme - Prassee theme

I started to use Emacs for writing Scala for almost a year. Emacs offers you a lot
via packages and you can customize it the way you want. But more the opitons, more the
confusions especially with themes. Thats where the quest of find right emacs theme started, I came across
doom-theme, I liked its color combination
and decided to write my own and hence this theme.




Download the prassee-theme.el in ~/.emacs.d/themes folder and add the below code in init.el

(add-to-list 'custom-theme-load-path "~/.emacs.d/themes")
    (load-theme 'prassee t)


This is a work in progress theme and will have more updates. Since Iam using this theme for myself, I hope can push updates frequently.

Code & Feedback

I have shared this project in github , if you have any question or comments head on to this reddit page

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